March 3, 2017 MarketingExpert

Marketing Consultation

Staying up to date can prove difficult. Although social media, the internet, and new marketing channels make things easier, it can still prove challenging. Marketing consultation can help build a strong business foundation.

Creative@Work wants to help you with these challenges. We want to work with you not only as a marketing consultation team but to strengthen all elements of your company, including copywriting, video, post-production and creative direction, all in a single package.

Creative@Work is a marketing agency with 20 years of international experience. Based in Ontario, Canada and now expanding to the United States, we pride ourselves on our expertise and consideration for the clients we’ve partnered with. Many of our clients, past, and present still remain connected to us, becoming friends and working closely with us when further services are required.

In searching for a marketing consultant, a major concern is what they offer. A consultant can help you work to set defined goals for your business, to expand on and provide needed strategy. From there comes employing a creative team bringing dimension to those strategies.

In working with our team, you’re not only employing a marketing consultancy team, but you’re also receiving an everything package. A copywriter and editor, video production, graphic designer and creative director, all working with your company’s interests in mind.

I can assure you that our team puts professionalism first. They pride themselves on their craftsmanship and their passion, knowing what steps to take when growing your business. I look forward to hearing from you, discussing your objectives and how we can work together to accomplish them.


Mimi Stefanovska

Director of Marketing & CEO

Creative At Work Advertising Inc.


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